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Our offered Fertilizer is formulated by using natural ingredients and promotes the growth of plants as well as it also increases the ability of producing flowers in bad weather conditions.
Chelated Micronutrients
Chelated Micronutrients are beneficial for overall development of plants and for treating alkalinity of soil. Formulated by using minerals like copper, zinc, magnesium, manganese and other elements, these fertilizers provide long lasting result.
Special Fertilizer Products
Special Fertilizer Products are used to prevent premature dropping of fruits and yellowing of leaves. Moreover, these also act as immunity boosters and seed forming factors. Offered substances are useful for treating saline soil.
Compound Suspension Fertilizers
Compound Suspension Fertilizers are composed of essential trace elements required for healthy growth of plants. These easily dilute in water and provide long lasting result. Offered substances are compatible with other agro chemicals.
Water Soluble Compound Fertilizer
Water Soluble Compound Fertilizers are available in free flow powder form. These have key role in root development, seed germination and fruit size enlargement process. Offered fertilizers also promote growth of beneficial bacteria in soil.
Organic Pesticides
Organic Pesticides are known for their long lasting result, toxin free content and plant immunity boosting capacity. These have key role in chlorophyll formation, nitrogen fixation and nutrient absorption procedures in plants.
Vegetable Seeds
Provided Vegetable Seeds are reckoned for their long shelf life and high crop yielding rate. Plants germinated from these hybrid seeds have better diseases resistance capacity. These can be sown in any season.
Micronutrient Mix
Micronutrient Mixes are required for healthy growth of plants. Application of these substances helps to improve immunity function and promotes seed germination in plants. These are applied via foliar spray method.
Carboxylic Copper
Carboxylic Copper micronutrients have key role in root development of plants. Available in powder form, these can be directly applied to the soil. Organic content of these substances prevent multiplication of bacteria and fungus.
Liquid Compound Fertilizers
Liquid Compound Fertilizers are composed of potassium, phosphorous and nitrogen in precise amount. These non toxic grade agro chemicals have long storage life and these are environment friendly by nature.