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Research & Development

Our Company manufactures a broad line of fertilizers, which suits different crops. The fertilizer range is developed to meet the specific requirements of customers, both in domestic and global markets. With its characteristic expertise and variety of product lines, the company has enjoyed a great success in the market. There is a high level of flexibility in the manufacturing in order to keep up with the changes & developments in the field of agriculture & fertilization. In the same way, the company produces new materials and compounds which are perfect for organic farming & protected agriculture.

All our facilities are equipped with the latest technologies. They help conduct laboratory as well as field experiments on the Products. And to better the quality of services provided by the company. There is a specialized technical staff, and the facilities cover:

  • A unit of special laboratories to conduct analyzes & develop products.
  • Research Station at the manufacturing plant, founded in 1997.
  • Research Station in the Jordan Valley, founded in 2008.